Prince George’s “friendly” caution to schoolmates is, “You best watch out.”

Prince George reportedly told a schoolmate, “My dad will be king so you better watch out”
'You better watch out': Prince George's 'friendly' warning to schoolmates

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The cheeky prince, nine, used the line on a student who had gone too far, according to author and Vanity Fair royal writer Katie Nicholl, who is quoted in the book The New Royals.

She claimed that Prince Louis, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 7, were being nurtured with “a sense of duty” and an awareness of how the monarchy functioned.

She claimed that although George had been told he might one day be king, the Prince and Princess of Wales were not burdening their offspring with too many duties just now.

However, George had already turned the prospective title into a weapon and used it as a “cheeky reply” against one of his classmates.

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George, who is aware that William will one day reign as king, once outperformed his contemporaries when he sparred with them in front of their peers at school by saying, “My dad will be king so you best watch out.”

In a “managed moment” of William and Kate’s choosing, which was apparently “sometime around his seventh birthday,” George was said to have been informed of his future status as a monarch.

The prince emphasized that William’s goal as a father was to provide his son with “a normal family upbringing” so that the monarchy “can be relevant and keep up with modern times.”

At Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral, the young prince was given a part, accompanying his sister Princess Charlotte as they walked behind Her Majesty’s coffin.

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