Trendy Hairstyles To Wear This Year


It’s a new year and you need to get a fresh hairstyle. It’s time for a new look that goes hand in hand with your solutions and fresh outlook on life. 

The good thing is that there is a style for everyone regardless of what you want to wear. 2022 served us some amazing hairdos and some of them will still be on the trending list this year.

Whether you want to go long or short, again, it’s your choice. If there’s a classic hairstyle you want to try out, go ahead. The beauty of hair is that the trends are cyclical which only means that it’s a matter of time before what you have is in or out of fashion.

Anyways, here are some hairstyles we think will be high up on many women’s lists this year.



@nessas_hair_braiding© Provided by YAZA Africa© Provided by YAZA Africa

There was a time when this was the hairstyle choice of so many women, at least here in the capital. Although it’s still been worn, its popularity has kind of faded. I like this style as it just makes your hair look pulled together. If you get one that blends well with your hair, it just adds pop and you might people might just be wondering about your length.

Ponytail Extension


@tumusarizada© Provided by YAZA Africa

Seems like we are going back to the 90s with our clothes and hair. As black women embrace wearing their natural hair, the afro has made a big comeback and it’s now cool and stylish. If yours doesn’t pop as much, worry not as you can get some extensions to increase the volume.



@ronaldcalder1on1© Provided by YAZA Africa

This is another haircut I enjoy. It just gives you that edge and makes you look sharp. It almost gives out the statement, I mean business. It also makes for easy hair to wear and maintain. Take a shot at it and we promise you will not regret it.

There are so many hairstyle options for you. These are the ones we think will do you good this year. Have a great hair day.


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