The iPhone 14 that can cost up to 134,000 euros


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Standing as the leading brand for smartphones and accessories, Caviar has now unveiled its updated “Grand Complications” collection focused on the Apple iPhone 14 Pro

©Foto Caviar

For Rolex fans , the new range directly integrates a Cosmograph Daytona watch on the iPhone 14 Pro Max

©Foto Caviar

Priced at 134,250, each phone is equipped with a mechanical chronograph

In addition to building the clock into the body of the phone, decorative sensors taken from the control panel of a racing car are also implanted in the back panel

Available in “Daytona” and “Skeleton Booster” options, the shots are perfect for those familiar with the history of professional motorsport and its connection to watchmaking

The design of the Daytona phone is inspired by the look of 1930s race cars; the decorative speedometers and switches, made of gold, create the image of a supercar dashboard, accentuated by the iconic clock

The Skeleton Booster “Grand Complications” for iPhone 14 Pro 128Gb is priced at 10,320 euros and Daytona iPhone 14 Pro Max 1Tb will be available in a single copy for 134,250 euros

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