Rare white wallaby reportedly killed by lorry


According to reports, a lorry struck and killed a rare white wallaby dwelling in the wilds of Warwickshire.

A rare white wallaby was put to sleep after being struck by a lorry in Warwickshire

A rare white wallaby was put to sleep after being struck by a lorry in Warwickshire© Getty Images

The marsupial had been brought in with terrible injuries previously, according to Warwick veterinarians, and had to be put to death.

Though there have been rumors of more than one, it is believed that the wallaby was Colin, a well-known animal who made news in 2013 after escaping from his kennel in Solihull.

He was frequently seen hopping through the neighborhoods of Lapworth and Kenilworth.

Native to Tasmania’s Bruny Island, white wallabies got their color via a rare genetic abnormality.

The species, according to the RSPCA, escaped from captivity and eventually became established in the wild in Britain. They have a maximum 15-year wild life span.

The wallaby that Warwickshire veterinarians 608 Equine believe to be Colin had to be put to death because of his wounds.

“We know Colin had a lot of fans in the local community and people will miss spotting him out and about,” it said in a statement on Facebook.

It further stated that the wallaby’s cremated remains would be made available if a memorial service was requested.

After escaping the pen he shared with seven other wallabies almost ten years ago, Colin sparked a police search.

He went home on his own, despite having supposedly been at large for the previous 12 months.

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