Amal then chimed in saying: “Whose contribution do you think this is, in parenting?” while George then blamed his partner, retorting: “My wife is filthy. Filthy!”

He added of their children: “We just totally raised nice kids who care about people and put other people ahead of themselves. It’s the same thing we were both raised with, which was, ‘To whom a lot is given, a lot is expected.’ So we’re going to expect a lot of our children.”

The couple went on to reveal their plans for Christmas, admitting they usually spend the holiday season in the UK but this year they have decided to jet off on a sunny holiday instead.

Amal said: “Usually, we’re in England around Christmas. This year we’re going away, somewhere warm.”

George also shared his plans for the kids’ Christmas presents – revealing the twins are getting a train set. He then joked: “If I ever get it put together. Because that’s the hard part.”

George was among the honourees at the Kennedy Center Honors along with stars including rockers U2 and singer Gladys Knight.