As Queen Elizabeth II passed away, online users wished Diana was still alive to succeed her as the monarch

As Queen Elizabeth II of England passed away at the age of 96, internet users thought of Princess Diana and how she would have been the Queen today had she been living
Netizens remember Princess Diana and how she would've been the Queen today if she was alive as the Queen Elizabeth II of England died at 96.

In 1981, Lady Diana Spencer wed Charles, Elizabeth’s oldest child.

Lady Diana Spencer married Elizabeth's eldest son Charles in 1981. 

William and Harry were the names of Charles and Diana’s two boys before they got divorced.

Charles and Diana had two sons, William and Harry, before the two got divorced.
In 1997, a vehicle accident in Paris claimed the life of Princess Diana. According to some media sources, the crash may have been caused in part by the paparazzi that followed the automobile.
Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997. Some media reports claimed the erratic behaviour of the paparazzi following the car had contributed to the crash.

We cannot argue with the claim that Princess Diana was a great fashion icon.

Princess Diana was called a true fashion icon and well, we cannot disagree.

Princess Diana had a strong track record of HIV advocacy and was a champion of LGBT equality.

Princess Diana was a champion of queer equality and had an excellent record on HIV advocacy. 

A genuine dedication to activism and social justice was evident in “The Queen Hearts.”

'The Queen hearts' showed a true commitment to activism and social justice.
On Twitter, users expressed their disappointment that Camilla would never be their Queen.
Netizens also took to Twitter to talk about how Camilla could never be the Queen for them.

Camilla, whom Prince Charles wed in 2005, is his second wife. In 1996, Princess Diana and Charles got divorced.

Camilla is the second wife of Prince Charles, who he married in 2005. Princess Diana divorced Charles in 1996.
Many people shared memes about how Diana would not be pleased to meet the Queen in heaven when discussing the tense relationship between the Queen and Princess Diana.
Talking of the conflicted relationship between the Queen and Princess Diana, many shared memes on how Diana would not be happy seeing the Queen in heaven.

Following Diana’s passing, many believed that the Queen, not the paparazzi, was to blame for her accident.

After the death of Diana, many suspected the involvement of the Queen and not the papparazzi to be responsible for her accident.


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